Thursday, May 14, 2015

Feelings of Summer

by Jasmine Simpson

Summer. It’s just around the corner, ladies and gentlemen. All those dreary days of cross-eyed studying and pencil-slaving essays are soon to be over! No more hand cramps. NO MORE SLEEP DEPRIVATION! The world filled with sunny beaches, fresh lemonade, and salty ocean-air is just within our grasp. 

Oh, what a beautiful thought. 

That is, for those who actually make it to a beach this summer. As you’ve probably noticed, North Platte isn’t exactly close to many beaches. Unless you consider Lake Mac a beach . . .

I do hate to break it to you. Lake McConaughy doesn’t count. 

So, what’s there to do when you stuck in the middle of the country, surrounded by nothing but land? Ahhhh, that’s right. Concerts. People often forget that the best of music performances witnessed are in these parts. Denver, Colorado, for instance, always seems to have some sort of commendable music venue. This year’s selection may just appeal to you. 

Just a few include: 

Peter Frampton with Cheap Trick, June 16
Van Halen, July 20
Hozier, August 2
Florence + the Machine, August 3
Sam Smith, August 4
Jackson Browne, August 18

May We Meet Again

by Jasmine Simpson