Friday, October 26, 2012

Fragile Fall

by Tim Rickett

This is another piece I created last year. This is a ceramic piece modeled after a leaf I found outside. Total production time was only about 3 hours. This piece was featured in the student show at Peru State College and is entitled “Fragile Fall”.

There is another artist I have had the pleasure working with named Trent Grooms of Auburn Nebraska. During my carrier at PSC Trent and I became very good friends. Trent has a very unique style where he uses line to its full advantage as well as a wonderful use of color. His paintings are meant to be somewhat “graffiti” like. Many of Trents works have a common theme of aliens and symbolism.

Below is a link to Trents Facebook art and music page. Feel free to check him out and “Like” his page.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Art! Art! Art! And More Art!

by Timothy Ricketts
My contribution to the Yard Rake will include various works of art that I have produced as well as a few other freelance artists and students work. My goal is to get artist’s names out to the public, and show case our talents. This week’s submission is a piece I made while studying at Peru State College last year. This particular piece is made out of basal wood and spray painted cadmium red.

I submitted this piece to the student show where I was awarded with a scholarship and the piece sold for $50 dollars.

Title – The Hot Seat