Friday, October 26, 2012

Fragile Fall

by Tim Rickett

This is another piece I created last year. This is a ceramic piece modeled after a leaf I found outside. Total production time was only about 3 hours. This piece was featured in the student show at Peru State College and is entitled “Fragile Fall”.

There is another artist I have had the pleasure working with named Trent Grooms of Auburn Nebraska. During my carrier at PSC Trent and I became very good friends. Trent has a very unique style where he uses line to its full advantage as well as a wonderful use of color. His paintings are meant to be somewhat “graffiti” like. Many of Trents works have a common theme of aliens and symbolism.

Below is a link to Trents Facebook art and music page. Feel free to check him out and “Like” his page.

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