Sunday, February 20, 2011

Meet Our Newest Staffer, Hayden Flanders

They call me Flanders, Hayden Flanders.  Well, okay, just Hayden, or Flanders.  I’m a North Platte guy, born and bred, born back on February 22nd 1990, here in good ol’ North Platte.  I graduated from North Platte High School in May of 2008.
I have three younger brothers, 17, 14, and 11 years of age at this point, soon to be 18, 15, and 12.  I currently live here in North Platte with my parents and the three aforementioned brothers, and of course, our cat Smokey.
I’m a fairly laid-back kind of guy, and I’m really interested in sports, especially in football.  The National Football League, College Football, or anything football.  I like to study the NFL Draft, and the prospects for college and everything. It’s really enjoyable to me.  I’ve been known to “obsess” over it, but I would just say it’s a passion of mine.
I tend to spend a lot of my free time on the internet or on Xbox Live, and I occasionally play my Nintendo DS or Gamecube if I feel like I could use a little “retro” gaming action.  During nicer weather, I like to get some friends together and play football, mostly two-hand tag ball, or some flag if I can get people to actually play. 
I am planning on going to the University of North Alabama the Fall of this year, as long as this spring semester goes well.  I plan to major in Broadcast Journalism there, mainly for sports.  I have had an interest in broadcasting since this past August when I began working at Eagle Radio, which broadcasts 97.1, 107.3, and 1410 AM.  I also spend time working at the SunMart on Francis.

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