Monday, September 29, 2014


by Brandy Jean Shipman
Hollow heart and hollow soul.
How long before I find what makes them whole?
Heart is aching and my soul is breaking.
My mind is losing all control.
My moon, my sun, my stars have all died.
Sadness is all I know.
I have nothing behind my hazel eyes.
Darkness is all I can seem to follow.
I cry but no tears can fall.
Staring blankly at the shadows on the wall.
How many times can I go crazy before I lose it all?
My life is breaking and I am the only one to blame.
Bad decisions is all I have seemed to make.
You came into my life in suddenly I had strength.
Everything began to change.
The past I faced day by day seemed to just kind of fade away.
You made me want to change.
Now all I know is the pride I have for you.
I created you.
You are now my sun, my stars, and my moon.
You fill my heart with joy and my soul with meaning.
You are my baby boy and the reason I’m still breathing.
Take this poem and know that is true.
You are special my love and forever in my heart you will stay.

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