Thursday, February 26, 2015

How My S5 Came to Be

By Jasmine Simpson

I cannot quite recall the exact day that I first got a cell phone, but I certainly do remember how cool I thought it was. Sadly, as I look back on it now, I see it for what it truly is. A piece of prehistoric junk. Don’t believe me? It was a flip phone. For the longest time, I had felt like such a loner while all my friends whipped out their shiny new blackberries. Yeah, remember when those were a thing? 
When the iPhones first started off, I hadn’t felt like I should care much. Then I went through high school and realized how wrong I was. Still behind the times, I switched over to the slowly declining Blackberry. It was a great little thing and lasted me a while. For one year, to be precise. I had quickly tired myself of having to replace that infernal rollerball. Really, it was such a pain in the neck!

Eager to join the rest of the world in the smart phone mania, I ditched the Blackberry and finally switched to HTC. My very own Droid DNA. That was indeed a beautiful phone. I cherished it for almost a year and then the cruelest, most despicable thing happened. One week before graduation, in the girl’s locker room, my phone was stolen from my bag. For many months, I searched, begging it to return to me. Alas, it wasn’t meant to be. 

In a false-hearted attempt to ease my sadness, I switched over to Samsung with the S3. I was partially comforted, after a while, I grew to accept it as my own. The S3 quickly became my right hand and life was good. Until, I accidentally dropped it. First flight of stairs: BANG! Second flight of stairs: BANG! With every bit of dread and apprehension, I picked my phone up to discover the screen completely shattered. Once again, I was heartbroken.

All was good again when I discovered I still had an upgrade waiting for me. I contemplated long and hard, eventually deciding the S5 was meant for me. Here I am now, almost two months later, as content as I can be. For the present, at least, I have found my loyal comrade. 


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