Thursday, March 26, 2015

All is Ebony

By Jasmine Simpson
Behold, thy Ivory kingdom.
Once pure.
Once glorious.
Once fair.

Behold, thy foolish
Thirst for fame
Poisoned thy kingdom,
Sullied thy freedom.

All was lost to thy greed,
Thy people suffered.
Still, in cowardice,
Thou hast abandoned them.
With thy desertion,
This reign shattered.
Riddled by corruption.
Rancid from deception.

Of thy kingdom’s foundation,
Rubble and filth remain.
Of thy people,
Immoral emotions.
No more rhodium lover.
No more alabaster laughter.

Dost thou negate this ruin?                                     
Of thy precious Ivory,
All is overthrown.
All is Ebony.

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