Monday, April 6, 2015

A Nerd’s Bucket List

By Jasmine Simpson

Yes, I have a bucket list. I mean, honestly, who in their right mind doesn’t? You, just like me, have at one point wished to spend the rest of your life chasing tornadoes. You’ve all secretly hoped for that one chance to bungee off the Eiffel Tower. You all know that just about every list in the history of bucket lists has mentioned catching that last minute flight to a random country.

One does eventually realize, however, that none of these things is likely to come true. After all, who has the time for all that? This is the main reason why I believe a person needs two bucket lists: One for the realist and another for the fictionalist. Trust me when I say this. A fictional bucket list is much easier to complete. To all those avid nerds out there: the reading introverts, the Netflix junkies, the manga addicts . . . yes, even the reclusive gamers, I will share with you a glimpse of the secret yearnings in my nerdy fandom heart.

  1. Slap Bella Swan in the face.
  2. Design wardrobes with Cinna.
  3. Solve crimes with Sherlock.
  4. Blog about it with Watson.
  5. Eat pie with Dean Winchester.
  6. Dare I hope to drive the Impala some day?
  7. Cross space and time with the Doctor.
  8. Defeat the Daleks and save the universe.
  9. Help Merlin protect Arthur from the evil Mordred.
  10. Learn magic from the greatest wizard of all time. (Duhhh, I meant Gandalf)
  11. Ride Shadowfax into Gondor.
  12. Practice archery amongst the wood elves of Mirkwood.
  13. Charge into battle beside Aragorn and save Middle Earth.
  14. Become a full-fledged mistborn and help save the Final Empire.
  15. Wield a shardblade and fight alongside Kaladin. (Dalinar and Adolin too)
  16. Become a full-fledged Spartan and destroy the Covenant.
  17. As a guardian, help preserve mankind and push back the Darkness.
  18. Learn to control my Ki with help from Gohan.
  19. Channel Chakra with Kakashi.
  20. Become a firebending master. (Maybe even airbending.)

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