Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Dear October,

by Brooke Holley

I’m so glad that you’ve stopped by for a visit. You’re by far my favorite month (but don’t tell July that), because you bring the cooler weather along with you, my favorite holiday, and an excuse to eat candy.

I adore how the weather gets cooler when you visit me and I no longer look ridiculous wearing oversized hoodies out in public. All of the leaves are changing colors making the river look absolutely stunning with the vibrant oranges and reds reflecting off of its still surface. Plus, the leaves are falling to the ground, just so I can step on them and hear that satisfying crunch.

The weather is a plus, but my favorite part about you visiting me is that you bring Halloween along with you. To me, Halloween means dressing up, watch scary movies, telling ghost stories in the dead of night, and making your way through the best local haunted houses.

I’m not one for actually going through a haunted house, but I pride myself on volunteering for them. Buying face paint and seeing how creepy I can make myself look is always great fun for me, October. Halloween gives me an excuse to buy and eat much more candy, don’t you see that you should come around more often?

With all my love,


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