Sunday, June 11, 2017

It Can't Happen to Me

 by Tracy McCants

IT CAN’T HAPPEN TO ME, is an understatement in today’s society.  Tupac Shakur wrote a song titled, You Could be Touched.   He used different terminology, but he was saying the same thing.

The basis of this editorial is to awaken our communities, societies, and the innocent victims of careless acts of violence.  We as a people must remain alert when traveling from city to city, state to state or visiting abroad.

My brothers and sisters, do away with the IT CAN’T HAPPEN TO ME attitude.  In today’s society realize that anyone CAN BE TOUCHED by violence.  While on vacation anywhere in the world, realize an act of ignorance or terrorism is possible any place, anywhere, and at any time.

My people home and abroad:  Prepare and stay aware.

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