Monday, November 8, 2010

We Blinked

December 14, 2007
 by Jessie Johnson

The days pass by, faster than we expected.
It seems as if it was just a few days ago,
we walked in, first day of kindergarten.
We were so excited, couldn't wait to get older.
Then we made a mistake, we blinked.
Days flew by.
First grade, second.
Third grade, fourth.
Fifth grade, sixth.
Time seemed to soar.
Junior high.
The years passed by.
Our first day of High School.
Sophomores. Juniors.
We were having the time of our lives.
Again, we blinked.
Now here we sit,
Reflecting on the memories of our past,
Waiting for our diplomas.
We think about the times we had,
And how they went by so fast,
Yet, we didn't realize it.
Now we wish we didn't blink.

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