Friday, November 12, 2010

The Yardrake’s New Restaurant Critics Begin the Trek up Highway 83

By Anonymous
Our goal is to eat at every single restaurant on highway 83. Our plan is move north from the NPCC south campus, and thus we begin our adventure at the southern-most restaurant in North Platte, Hunan Chinese restaurant.
We arrived to an empty restaurant 11:00, just at the start of the popular lunch buffet. The attendant immediately removed the stainless steel lids to reveal a bounty of fresh, steaming food. Between the two of us, we sampled won-ton soup, fried chicken wings, beef with broccoli, green beans with bacon bits, fried rice, General Tsao’s chicken, steamed dumplings, chocolate cake, and fried dough. Everything was fresh and met our expectations for good, standard Americanized Chinese food.
Pros: Good quality freshly prepared food, attentive and friendly wait staff, clean environment, fish tank is BOSS
Cons: Décor is somewhat dated and kitschy

Next up: Taco Johns

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  1. Hunan's is one of my favorites. . . .especially since it is between North and South Campus, the food is good, and they have chocolate mint ice cream.