Friday, March 11, 2011


by Hayden Flanders
My last couple of articles, I’ve spoken about the NFL Collective Bargaining Agreement . . . Well it’s now Friday, and the CBA deadline is coming—at midnight, with no deal in place, and no signs of there being one.  That means that there very well may be no NFL in 2011 – 2012.
The owners and Players Union originally extended the deadline for 24 hours, then extended it another 7 days, until today, to give the arguments and the chance for a new CBA more time to develop . . . but alas, it has not happened yet.   Tonight, at midnight…the CBA deadline expires.  Word came out from NFL Players Association Director DeMaurice Smith that “the 18-game schedule is off the table.” And that the owners and players had agreed to a rookie wage scale,  or instead of a “rookie salary cap” like the last few seasons, it would make the NFL rookies not get such blockbuster contracts, such as Rams QB Sam Bradford’s contract of $50 million guaranteed, while they are still very much unproven in the NFL.
While there are more issues still to be worked out among the owners and players, the agreement of the rookie wage scale is a positive sign, in a rather negative-looking situation.  If we’re lucky, the first agreement, and the fact that the 18-game schedule NOT happening has been agreed upon, could open a door to the rest of the issues getting worked out, and a new CBA happening at Any moment, but for now, I highly doubt it.
Now I am not saying that for a FACT there will not be NFL next season, just that at this point it seems unlikely…Now things can change in a hurry when it comes to these talks, so new information, or a signing of the Collective Bargaining Agreement could literally come at anytime as long as the Players Union and Owners are willing to continue the talks, but I am guessing the deadline will pass with No CBA, and the talks to continue until one is struck, however long that may take is anyone’s guess.  As hardened of an NFL fan as I am, I hope it does not last long…especially not in to September like some “experts” are guessing, in which case, the season will be in DEFINITE jeopardy.

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