Friday, March 4, 2011

“The Truck Comes Tomorrow”: The Food Critics Visit Taco Bell

The Taco Bell attached to the Conoco gas station and convenience store has a lot of choices on their menu, but on this visit we couldn’t choose Pepsi, Dr. Pepper, steak, or mild sauce, because they had run out of all these items.
Yes, the food critics are back, and we’re continuing our trek north up Highway 83. At Taco Bell, we enjoyed quesadillas, chips and cheese, and a chalupa. We’ve been to Taco Bell many times, and this food met our expectations. Everything was hot, fresh, and well prepared. Since there was no mild sauce available, we had to try the mild verde (green) sauce, which had a slightly odd flavor, but it was OK. The Taco Bell staff was friendly, fast, and apologetic regarding the missing items.
Pros: clean, friendly, updated décor, one of the few places you can get Mountain Dew Baja Blast
Cons: poorly stocked
For our next review, we’ll cross the interstate and continue north. We’ve decided to include the restaurants on Halligan drive that can be seen from 83.

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