Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A Collection of Poems by Bert Ogg

Pie Talk
Spicy Pumpkin Pie, memories of my home- I sigh.
Sugary Rubarb Pie, missing childhood laughter- I cry.
Rich French Silk Pie, wanting to go back- during the best of times.
Fluffy Coconut Cream pie, it's uneasy to think- I am not a child.
Tart Wild Berry Pie, mom, is this apart of growing up- are these the signs?
Creamy Peanutbutter Pie, mom, is it apart of growing up if brother and I saw- dad dieing?
Tangy Lemon Meringue Pie, mom, is it apart of growing up if you - find love in life?
Smooth Butterscotch Pie, mom, is it apart of growing up if - plans go awry?
Thick Bannana Cream Pie, mom, should I ask brother about these- trials?
Nutty Peacon Pie, brother, I am "immoral" in eyes of society- will you still stand with, I ?
Mellow Peach Pie, brother, will you, mom, dad and I ever be reunited- when we accend and fly?
Sweet Strawberry Pie, brother- im just scared to die.
Sharp Key Lime Pie, brother I should talk to dad, right?
Piercing Blue Berry Pie, dad, you probably can't hear me - I need to shout to the sky!
Unique Gooseberry Pie, I am in dier need of help- anything I do it feels as thought I'm putting on a guise.
Snappy Raspberry Pie, dad, will everything be alright- I really do try.
Classic Cherry Pie, I guess I just need to grow up and move in a line.
God, is it ok if I have a slice of Apple Pie?

You-Me Fool
Here is me.
Here is you.
We both have differnet points of view.
But, you call me the fool.

Wind Chimes
Wind chimes- the beauty of collaborating random rhyme.

At a Mirror Disadvantage
Look at your self in the mirror.
Your just like me.
I see you, you see me.
You move, when I move.
But you have a greater disadvantage.
You can be human, you can live.

Rhyming Nonsense With Morality
Lost - scared - fearing of what has been there.
Exhaust- impaired- weary of impudence and bigatory flair.
Pause- dare- take care of your self, God will be fair.

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