Friday, May 6, 2011

Ready for the Football Season

by Hayden Flanders
With the NFL Draft, which took place last weekend, completely in the books, the only thing to wait for now, is the college football, and NFL season to officially begin.  The wait has already gotten to me as you can probably already tell by the way all of my articles have been.
August and September can’t come fast enough for me, the months when my Favorite time of year is, football season.  The passion I have for the sport is insane, some of my friends, even call it obsession.  I personally wouldn’t say obsession.  It’s not like I live, breathe, and eat football.  I have other things outside of it, like working my jobs and going to school, and of course, most importantly, my amazing family and friends.  But enough about that, back to the topic at hand.
Of course, as I’ve explained time and time again, the NFL season can not begin until the NFL Players and owners get this labor situation figured out, which may take a very long time again, now that the lockout is temporarily back in place, and now looks like the owners are going to get the decision they want, which is, to overturn the “lift the lockout” ruling and remove the “temporary” from “temporary lockout” and make it permanent once more.
While all the court rulings and appeals go in- and out in the NFL, there is always one safe haven of football . . . college football!  This is the first year Nebraska, a once-longtime member of the Big 12 now enters the Big 10 or BIG as some shorten it.  It is shortened that way, because, if you look at the shortened Big 10 logo it’s the letters B, I, and G but the I looks like a 1, and the G looks like a 0 to incorporate Big and 10 into the logo.  I thought that’d be in interesting little tidbit of information for everyone.  The Big 10 offers a lot of new possibilities for NU athletics, but I’m most excited about seeing our new competition the next few seasons.  The three teams I’m most excited about seeing my Huskers play, are the Wisconsin Badgers, Ohio State Buckeyes, and Penn State Nittany Lions.  Those three are considered the Top Dogs of the Big 10 conference.
I personally believe that we can come in to the Big 10 conference and compete right away.  In football at least.  The other sports I haven’t really thought much about, other than how our basketball team will hopefully keep going in the right direction and take that next step towards being able to at least beat a few Top teams, instead of always getting crushed and going to the NIT tournament every year.
That being said, as I mentioned in the first part of the article, football season needs to hurry up! I’m getting antsy over here!

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