Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Flicker of the Past

by Seth Woracek
A captivating sky gazes down on this night. My nighttime stroll brings me to the mounting figure of an apple tree facing the coast. It stands before a flooded stairway leading toward an ancient town lost within the waves. I rest against the tree to view the water that glistens beneath the moon and the stars. Lying there, I can hear the wind's whisper and the seagull’s cry as he stands on top of a crumbled pillar. On my left I find a white flower hidden in the shade of the tree. I pluck it and hold it near as I wonder to myself: Did these flowers bloom before the people of the old town? Did this tree live back then to greet them with its pleasant shade and fresh, red apples? Did they come here like I am to stare toward the sea? Such answers only exist in the past. The only ones to have witnessed those lives are the lights that flicker in the night.


     *This work is based on Venkatesan Chennai’s “Illustrator Painting Art Work”. It is posted on his account, venkatesanmu.

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