Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Cosmos of Eden

by Kaytlyn Preitauer
There you are! My dear books it’s been much too long since I last saw your pages.

Oh how I’ve missed your whispering with each turn, coaxing me just one more chapter.

You are deceiving to outsiders with your quiet colors, holding all the sounds of nature waiting to be seen

If only they dare peek, but it’s a secret I intend to keep.

For I hold the world within my palm and taste the milky way upon my tongue while stars dance and burn before my eyes. I am everywhere and everything: the grass, the breeze and the sea.

I prefer the willows shade to swimming the cosmos. They need no help from me and spin onward without my presence. I am but a small star to their deep universes.

 There is no crown or sword here, only rivers and ponds.  And I busy myself with the many nothings that can take my whole day before I blink.

This Eden is mine alone and I will walk it many more times before I am done.

Though time is a thief and I know it will come long before I am ready like night rising up to shroud the day, I will move from shade to sky like a bird taking flight.

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