Wednesday, November 12, 2014

This is a Challenge for YOU.

by Alexis Bryan
We hear all the time about how our generation is lost. Our elders talk about how we don’t know right from wrong, we don’t know the true meaning of communication, and we have no respect. 

I am tired of being categorized in this generation as a lost soul. I am going to take a stand right now and challenge anyone that reads this to do something big. It may be uncomfortable, but it is so going to be worth it. 

Almost everyone has seen the movie Pay it Forward, and my challenge is similar. I want to challenge anyone reading this to do something major to help two people out. Don’t just help them out though, get their story. Find out who they are as a person, what brought them to their situation in life now, and who they had to thank because of that. Find out if what you did to help them even mattered to them. See how much they really appreciate the little things

Then I want you to challenge them. Challenge them to help two people of their own choosing. If at all possible make it complete strangers. I am doing this as well. I will be writing followups on what I found out about the people that I chose to help in life and how they plan to be a better person and help two people. 

After you find out who they are write me a letter. Send me an email at  I want to know your stories. I want to know a little something about the people that you met and how you helped them. Tell me your story so I can help the world to know that this generation is NOT lost. 

We are simply hiding in the shadows that our earlier generations have left for us. We have just been waiting to find something worth changing or someone to start. Our generation isn’t all leaders but once we find a leader with a good cause we do our best to follow their lead. I want to be one that can tell my children someday about how I helped start a movement, but I can’t start that movement without all of you behind me

So please if you are reading this I really want you to try this challenge and then challenge those whom you helped. Tell me your story! Lets show our elders what our generation is capable of!!

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