Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Family Before Everything

By: Alexis Brian

Plenty of people seem to try and move far away from everything that they know, are comfortable with, and love dearly. When they make this hasty decision, they don’t factor in that they are moving away from the only people that matter- family. Family should come before everything. 

You never know when something unexpected will happen. Yes, you can make new friends everywhere you go. That doesn’t matter. What matters is the chicken noodle soup your mom makes when you are sick and the home cooked family meals that you are missing out on.

No, I’m not saying that you should live in your parents basement for the rest of eternity; but you should make sure you can see them every so often. I mean, they did like give you life and all. Your parents, though they seem very strong, can be very hurt when you leave. They spend all of this time with you, and their life is basically revolving around you until the day you move out. Even though they may seem joyous to have you out, they will miss it--either as much as you miss it or even more. 

For many college students though it is the hardest. You are fresh out of high school, most of the time; you are moving to another town, most of the time; and you have to do everything on your own, most of the time. Here are some tips to get you through this oh-so-tough of a time:

  1. Don’t fight the urge. If you are missing your parents, we all know you have at some point, call them. Tell them how things are so much different than they were less than five months ago. Tell them all about your day and how your class is going. They love to hear about your day and hate not being able to ask you in person (I know my own mother told me).
  2. Try and make things seem a little more like home. For me that is a cinnamon smelling broom stick sitting in the living room while the aroma drifts through all the rooms in the house. But in your house if it is making a certain food on a certain day then save up some money and make yourself that food so that you can fit in with your family as they are eating it. Even though it may be from a different table you are all still eating the same meal. Do your homework in the living room or at the kitchen table just because that’s what you did when you were at home. It doesn’t matter. Let people think you are weird. As long as it makes you feel better.
  3. Go home for a visit if it is possible. Your parents would more than love a surprise visit! They try to stay strong to show you that being away is okay but in all reality they are really feeling like they are being tortured inside. So if you can just go home and give them the biggest hug that you can manage to give them. It may just bring them to tears. Heck you never know, you may just bring yourself to tears in the process. If you can’t make it home for any number of reasons try to get technological and Skype or FaceTime them. Your family misses you. Deal with it.

Some of you may read this and think that I have no idea what I am talking about, but coming from my own personal experience, I know for certain that family is everything. Without them who would you truly be? Stop and think about it for a minute. Without the people who gave you boundaries, would you have any?

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