Thursday, October 30, 2014

Breaking the Clock

By Jasmine Simpson
Dear reaper of time,
Please set me free.
Your eternal prison cannot hold me now.
Your chains of age cannot break my fortitude.
I will never again bow down
Not to your name
Not to your reign
As tired as I am, time will not escape me.
Though weak I may be, time will never rule me.
For long have I suffered and long have I cowered.
Dear reaper of time,
I recall what you’ve done.
You once shattered my mind.
These forgotten faces, where are they now?
With the ticking of your cursed clock, you’ve taken everything.
My treasured dreams
My golden hopes
You’ve only returned tainted memories.
So no more will I remember you.
With the blazing pleasure of the sun, I will commence my new life.
My desire is to start anew.
My journey is to better days.

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