Friday, October 24, 2014

This World

by Alexis Bryan

It’s funny how someone's life could change in a minute.
You could lose almost everything or you can win it.
Some people will try and change the world as they get older.
While others, well they seem to just grow colder.
I don’t care if I change the world or just one thing.
Just as long as I let my own voice be heard as I sing.
Sing the song of your life and who you are.
Yes some people may be offended when you embrace your scars.
But none of that will seem to matter to you anymore.
All you need to crave is to be unique, to be YOU.
Now lets see how many people take a clue.
It doesn’t matter if you are alone, there is plenty of burden to share.
The only thing that matters is to know that you care.
So don’t let those people change you or make you hide.
To you the only thing that should matter is the person that is inside.

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