Friday, October 24, 2014

Four Essential Ways to be Positive

By: Jasmine Simpson
Don’t deny it. You have (on more than one occasion) had a very bad day. We all have. That is merely what it means to be human. What is there to do about it? Most would be too tired to try doing anything. In all actuality, there is no likely method to having perfect days every day. That’s impossible. It is possible, however, to have significantly more positive days.
In order to share with you readers a few simple ways of having better days, I have devised four effortless habits that I feel every person should form:
#1: Be Your Own Best Friend
Who do you think knows you best? Is it your mom? Your best friend Ricky across the street? Sadly, it is neither. The person who knows you best is yourself. No one else knows what you really want out of life. No one else is better at laughing at your jokes. So why not embrace yourself?
When you accept that you are your own best friend, your confidence will grow. Don’t rely on others to make you feel awesome. They may not be skilled enough in that department.
#2: Avoid Ticking People Off and Just Smile
There is truly no better way to further ruin your day than by insulting someone. You may feel like you are ready to unleash your inner turmoil on everyone having a good day, but that really won’t make you feel better.
Chances are, the backlash you receive will make you feel significantly worse. Instead, smile at them. This lets them know that you want them to have a good day, and they will likely return the favor.
#3: Stop Wallowing in Your Own Pit of Misery
Yes, that’s right. You tell yourself that your day is going to be awful. It will be awful. Instead, do the opposite and tell yourself to have an awesome day. It will make a difference in the way you go about your day and in the way people view you.
When others see that you are trying your best to be positive, they will aid you and try their best to make you happy too.
#4: Don’t Be Afraid to Crank Up the Volume
Everyone knows the best way to get the mood going is through some classics. So don’t hold back the music. Whistle tunes in the hallways. Sing lyrics in the shower. Blare music in your car. If you want to have a good day, then don’t pay attention to what others think and just let it go.
Follow these methods and you may just be more positive. Share your results with others. If you have any other awesome ways of being positive, tell us in the comments!

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