Monday, November 9, 2015

The Empath Who Lacked Control

by Brooke Holley

Her eyes darted back and forth to each and every person that filled the large room. Casey hated crowds. It wasn’t that she didn’t like people, though. She loved being around people, having someone to talk to.

Things had changed, though. Ever since her eyes had been opened to the other side of things, she couldn’t stand to be around people. Their emotional chaos bombarded her with ever step she took, making her want to run away. Before her eyes were opened, she’d only gotten vague impressions about people. Now, it was as if she could feel every emotion every person around her was feeling. It was maddening.

She took a step. A man pushed passed her, rudely bumping up against her shoulder and nearly knocking her feet out from underneath her. Gasping in surprise, Casey made the mistake of allowing his energy inside her walls. That was when it all came rushing in at once.

She first felt the rude man’s energy. She experienced his irritation and annoyance as if it were her own. Then, she felt his soul read as she did with everyone else she allowed in. Casey frowned with that part of the experience. She was never for sure what to make of soul reads. She figured that they were just impressions left from past lives, but in all honesty, she didn’t have a clue.

That man’s soul wasn’t bad or tainted. It gave her a calm, almost nice impression. Casey probably would have called him a good soul if it wasn’t for his behavior. She shook her head in confusion, attempting to forget about the encounter all together as she took a step back to gain her balance.

That wasn’t possible, though. She couldn’t forget. That man had unknowing torn down what little protection she had built around herself.

Now everyone’s emotions and reads were flooding in, drowning her with their stimuli. Overwhelmed with everything, the room began to spin. Casey became too dizzy to orientate herself. She took another step back, her head still spinning. She wasn’t for sure what was going on now.

She just wanted out. She wanted a way to control her ability but she knew that for her, that may never be possible. Accidentally falling into someone, Casey jumped, stifling a scream as she spun around to face the person. The offender was the same rude man from before.

Casey didn’t feel bad for bumping into him. She gave him a second’s glare before pushing passed him in much the same manner as he had her just moments earlier.

Then, she ran.

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