Friday, November 20, 2015

The Story of a Baby Girl

by Jacinda Perez

This is the story of a young girl who lived a horrible but yet blessed life.  January 16, 1982 a beautiful baby girl was born at 9:22 P.M.  Blessed her mother was with a dark complected little girl, but as everyone knew she was blessed, she knew there was a wrath to come of this.  As her man walked in, he looked at this baby girl and saw her dark complexion and said, “She is not mine; get rid of her.” So as the mother knew, if she didn’t give up her baby girl, she would be beat and left alone. So she did it. She gave away her precious baby girl without a second thought. Little did she know the pain this would cause not only herself, but her sweet precious baby girl. 

As this baby girl got older she went through several different foster families. She began to wonder, did her mother love her? Did she miss her? And did she want her back? Every day was a new thought, always wanting to be a part of her family life, wondering if they wanted her to be a part of their lives.

As she came to her final foster family, eleven different homes later, her final foster family had her for a year before they finally asked her “Do you want to stay with us forever and have us adopt you, or do you want to be with your mother or father?” What a decision for this little girl. As the girl ran this thru her head, she decided to be with her mother it had been her dream for years, so she told them, “I would like to go be with my mom.”

As she made her decision it saddened her loving and caring foster family, as they had loved her as their own, but it was her decision and they understood her completely. The very next day they called the little girl’s mother and said, “She is yours now she has chosen to be with you.” That very next week her mother made a trip from Nebraska to Colorado to pick up her sweet angel.  The little girl waited by the door for her mother to show up, and when she did show up, both of them ran to each other and hugged each other never wanting to let go. They left the foster home and began the long journey home. Finally that special little girl got her dream; she got her family which was all she ever wanted. 

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