Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Hints of Spring

by George Haws
Adjunct Faculty

Spring will be here in two months ---
 and winter will be over in about three months.
With that in mind, I thought I would share a poem with you:

Winter has wonderment all of her own,
Like the stark naked trees with a dusting of snow,
Snowflakes and snowmen and other snow sights,
Dark hours made cheery with holiday lights.

But they’ll never compare, all those wintry things,
To earth’s welcome hints of the upcoming spring.

A sunny warm day greets us now and again;
Stiff, frozen soil begins thawing and then—
With all of the glory that in nature is found,
The daffodils rise up from cracks in the ground!

They serve as reminders of the rest that will come,
Of all spring’s delights—I will now mention some:

Tree buds open up with their tiny new leaves—
“They’re alive!” we cry out with excitement and glee.
The snakes slither slowly from cold, borrowed holes
And stretch out to sun on the rocks and the road.

Throttling calls come from high in the sky
And we look up and strain to see cranes flying by.

New-hatched chicks scurrying ‘round, newborn calves being fed,
Flowers and gardens and rain on our heads,
New life and new hope, new green grass, welcome warmth.
It seems the whole world has a thrilling new birth!

Yes, all of the wonder of the cold time of year
Can never quite thrill like the thought, “Spring is near!”

 ©2008 George A. Haws

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