Tuesday, April 24, 2018


by Karley Martin
It's all here in plain sight
the whispers through the walls
the elephant in the room.
It’s all coming together like the
tenacious tides rising up against the shore,
but I don’t hear it, do you?

The languishing sound that
echoes through the doorway
into the depths of my soul
I see the light reflected through the broken glass
It is pieces of me that I lost
scattered somewhere throughout time that has passed
I wish it could come together
and form into one whole piece
like I wish my life would have been and would be
A place of contentment, solitude, aspiration
and rest from the weight of this world
that I so consciously wear

What would happen if I just piece it together again?
To pick up all those broken fragments and place them
back into the puzzle that I have for so long set aside,
but this vindicated life has taken its cast of comfort,
so I do not move and instead sit silently in this cumbersome place,
between this hall and the wide-open doorway to peace.

© K.E.M. 2014

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