Monday, October 31, 2011

Cornhusker Football 2011: My thoughts of this season’s games

By: Evan Troxel

Well, here are my thoughts on Nebraska Cornhuskers football here in the year 2011.

Before we really get rolling, I’d like to say that Nebraska moving to the Big Ten Conference was stupid.  I think it’s just an easier way for Nebraska to get to the National Championship Game in Football.  I don’t like that. Why?  Simply put, I don’t think our football team will try as hard (in the long run).  The Big 12 Conference I believe has at least “a” tougher (and better) football team than the toughest football “teams” within the Big 10 (eliminating Nebraska from either conference). 

I wish Nebraska would renew their rivalry with Oklahoma and Colorado.  Maybe Nebraska should play Oklahoma two years in a row and then play Colorado two years in a row.  That way it only takes up one non-Conference game slot each year.  I definitely like the idea of Nebraska playing Oklahoma and Colorado in the same season and every year from now on.

Anyway, let’s get to the 2011 season.  Currently, Nebraska has six wins and one loss this season.  After each game that has already happened or will happen, I will explain my thoughts on each of them briefly within the following paragraphs. 

Sat., 9/3/2011-The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga vs. the University of Nebraska at Lincoln 40–7 Husker victory (1 Win and 0 Losses)
Glad to see the Cornhuskers start the season off with a victory.

Sat., 9/10/2011-Fresno State at Nebraska 42 – 29 Husker victory (2 Wins and 0 Losses)
Nebraska trailed at halftime of this game.

Sat., 9/17/2011-Washington at Nebraska 51 – 38 Husker victory (3 Wins and 0 Losses)
By far this might be the worst victory of the season.  Nebraska definitely could have got beat in this game.

Sat., 9/24/2011-Nebraska at Wyoming 38 – 14 Husker victory (4 Wins and 0 Losses)
Nebraska still has never lost to Wyoming in football…ever.

Sat., 10/1/2011-Nebraska at Wisconsin 17 – 48 Husker defeat (4 Wins and 1 Loss)
Not a good way to start the month for Husker fans.  Nebraska has been historically known to RUN THE BALL!  If we would have done that against Wisconsin the whole game then we would have won.  But no!  Nebraska threw the ball a lot and it cost them the victory.

Sat., 10/8/2011-Nebraska at Ohio State 34 – 27 Husker victory (5 Wins and 1 Loss)
I liked how Nebraska ended up coming back and beating Ohio State.  Nebraska pulled off their biggest comeback in history against any opponent in terms of the number of points they trailed by and how much time remained in regulation.  I just wonder though what Ohio State fans were thinking.

Sat., 10/22/2011-Nebraska at Minnesota 41 – 14 Husker victory (6 Wins and 1 Loss)
Head Coach Bo Pelini needs to stop complaining.  He looked pretty upset in the 3rd and/or 4th Quarter(s) against Minnesota when Nebraska was easily going to win the game.  As for the offense, no more interceptions better be thrown the rest of the season!

Here’s Nebraska’s remaining season schedule:
Sat., 10/29/2011-#9 Michigan State at #13 Nebraska-11:00 a.m. CT, TV: ESPN
I thought it was great to see Michigan State defeat Wisconsin on a 44-yard Hail Mary touchdown pass on the game’s final play from Michigan State’s quarterback Kirk Cousins.  It looked like to me when I first saw it that the only way the referees could have given Michigan State receiver Keith Nichol the touchdown was that the ball only crossed the goal line at the last possible moment he moved forward.  The ball looked like (to me) that it barely crossed the goal line by less than one inch.  

The last meeting (I believe) between Michigan State and Nebraska was in the Alamo Bowl in 2003 in which Nebraska won 17-3 and was Bo Pelini’s first career victory as the (Interim) Head Coach of the Cornhuskers.  This is Nebraska’s one chance to redeem themselves to prove that they are a better football team than Michigan State and Wisconsin and to keep any realistic National Championship hopes alive.  Also, Nebraska is 5-0 against Michigan State all-time.  

Sat., 11/05/2011-Northwestern at Nebraska-2:30 p.m.-Big Ten Network (TV) & Husker Sports Network (Radio)
Nebraska dominated Northwestern 66-17 in the Alamo Bowl back in the year 2000.  If Nebraska loses this game, they should really consider firing Bo Pelini.  If Nebraska doesn’t win another game the rest of the season (as of October 28th), they should fire Bo Pelini.  Also to note, Northwestern beat Iowa last year at Northwestern.

Sat., 11/12/2011-Nebraska at Penn State-To Be Announced
Nebraska has 6 wins and 7 losses against Penn State all-time.  Hopefully nothing controversial happens in this upcoming game.  After the Michigan State game, this (I think) is Nebraska’s next true test.

Sat., 11/19/2011-Nebraska at Michigan-To Be Announced
The last time these two teams met was in the Alamo Bowl in 2005 in which Nebraska won 32-28 and was Bill Callahan’s first Bowl game victory as the Cornhusker’s Head Coach.  I think Nebraska probably should have lost that Bowl game.  Anyway, Michigan’s football stadium dubbed “The Big House” will probably be more than filled to capacity the day these two teams meet.  The stadium’s capacity is 109, 901 and the biggest crowd ever at a football game at “The Big House” is 114, 804.  Nebraska and Michigan might break that record when they meet on November 19th.
Fri., 11/25/2011-Iowa at Nebraska-11 a.m.
Nebraska has 26 wins, 12 losses, and 3 ties against Iowa all-time.  Hopefully, there will be some exciting plays to watch in this game from both teams (even if Nebraska totally blows out Iowa).

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