Monday, October 24, 2011

Hidden Lessons Behind the Game

by Ashley Miller

Playing sports is more than just a hobby, it is more of a blessing in disguise. Athletes gain determination, respect and life skills from playing sports. Each game and practices played an athlete builds character by dealing with things like; the other teammates, the coach yelling, and the pressure of the game. Most people over look the “jocks” but in reality most are experiencing life’s lessons earlier than others and learning vicariously through the long games, practices, seasons, and through the bad coaching and bad calls umpires make. Playing sports has given me the best life lesson that anyone could experience. Fourteen years of pure character development, making friends and memories along the way and I would not change anything about my experiences along the way.

The relationships you build on the field are precious. In order to be a good team, you need trust and that's important in life. 

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