Monday, October 31, 2011

Something About You

(Anonymous Student Submission)

There’s just something about you
Something I can’t resist
It may be in your eyes, 
Or it may be in your smile
I’m not quite sure what

No matter what you do,
I will still defend you
No matter how you act, 
I will still be there for you
I’m not quiet sure why 

There’s just something that keeps me around
Something I can’t resist
It may be in our future
Or it may be in my dreams
I’m not quite sure which 

No matter which it is, 
I can’t let go
No matter what happens in our present,
I won’t let go till I know the future 
I’m not quite sure why

Maybe I do know the reasons,
Maybe we do have a future together
Maybe it’s because I believe in us
And if we get through the present,
We will make it to the future, together

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