Monday, November 14, 2011

Haunted Hayride

by Ashley Miller

Being a softball player at North Platte Community College, we get the chance to do a unique fundraiser. We put on a Haunted Hayride, like a Haunted House but the people get to walk to a trailer full of hay bales they could sit on and they are driven through the Old Museum where the softball team and other volunteers do anything and everything to scare the people on the ride.

We have men with chainsaws, a person getting beheaded, a person hanging themselves, a person burning in a fire, a “dead bride” getting shot, a carnivore hungry for more, and during all this “zombies” would be on the trailer scaring the people along for the ride. I enjoyed my part because I could do whatever I wanted to scare people wherever.

During the first couple nights I would just scare the riders coming out of the barn then I would get on the ride with them and see everything happen. When the riders would least expect it, I would get in the face and stare at them until they realized I was there. This was fun because I loved to see the different reactions from people, some people had no reaction they would just say, “oh hey” others would hit me and some would even scream and curse. There were many times where I would scare the same person multiple times, one after another, and all I could do was laugh out loud.

Towards the end of the week I would go through the line that was all the way to the gate and scare people. I would creep in and out of people and scare the ones who already looked scared, making them completely terrified to step onto the ride in the first place and we would not stop until they jumped off the trailer and ran out the front gate and even then sometimes we would chase them all the way out. My character was unexplainable, I was just an ugly old saggy zombie that creeped on people scaring them with the ugliness of my mask. 

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