Monday, November 14, 2011

NFL Regular Season 2011: Week One through Week Nine

By: Evan Troxel
The area National Football League teams out here in Nebraska to cheer for have not played really well at all.  The Denver Broncos have (3 wins and 5 losses or 3-5), the Kansas City Chiefs are (4-4), the St. Louis Rams are (1-7), and the Minnesota Vikings are (2-6).
Out in Denver, who knows if the Broncos are set on their quarterback (QB) situation yet.  Personally, if I had to choose between Kyle Orton, Tim Tebow, and Brady Quinn as the starting QB I would choose Tim Tebow if I had to pick one.  Tebow in my opinion has the best capability to do everything a QB needs to do.

However, if Kyle Orton could run more and faster, and elude defenders I would make him the starting QB.  Orton is taking this season…I don’t want to use the word easily or the words “laid back” but comfortably, he is (in my opinion) having the best year of his career in keeping his composure, and he’s not trying to do too much (like Tebow fortunately and unfortunately).  
I also feel bad for Kyle Orton.  Orton getting benched for Tim Tebow is probably coming at the prime of Orton’s career.  Orton had a career season last season.  

The Kansas City Chiefs have been playing better football of late.  That is, until they got beat 31-3 by the previous winless Miami Dolphins (1-7).  Kansas City started the season (0-3) and then won four straight games.  The Chiefs have beaten the Minnesota Vikings, Indianapolis Colts, Oakland Raiders and San Diego Chargers this season.  It would be nice to see the Chiefs make the playoffs and win at least a playoff game this season. 
The St. Louis Rams defeated the New Orleans Saints (6-3) 31-21 in Week 8.  In Week 7 the Saints murdered the Indianapolis Colts 62-7.  That’s not a mistype, 62-7.  The Rams are almost due to make the playoffs again although unfortunately it’s probably not going to be this season.  I think the Rams could win some games if QB Sam Bradford drops back to pass but then after a second takes off and runs with the football.  The Rams will definitely win games if they don’t throw the ball as often as they are currently.

The Minnesota Vikings have beaten the Arizona Cardinals and the Carolina Panthers.  Christian Ponder is the starting QB for the Vikings and I haven’t seen him play but I think the Vikings are definitely playoff bound next season if he keeps starting (and doesn’t get hurt). 
Staying with the NFC North Division, the Green Bay Packers are still undefeated with 8 wins and 0 losses.  I’m sick and tired of seeing them win and I think they should have lost more than one game by now.  Well, I think their winning streak will end on Monday (Nov. 14th) when the Vikings will try to upset the defending Super Bowl Champions.

The Packers really haven’t played excellent football this season.  I feel like the following teams could have already beaten the Packers this season: The New Orleans Saints, Denver Broncos, Minnesota Vikings, and San Diego Chargers.  If that happened then that means the Packers would have four wins and four losses.  The Packers are probably an average team right now.
My thoughts on the Indianapolis Colts who still haven’t won a game yet this season are these simply.  SHAME.  The Colts are way better than their record is showing.  If the Colts keep on losing, they are making Peyton Manning look “really good.”  All the Colts are doing now is tanking the remainder of the season by “sucking for (Andrew) Luck.”  

I don’t like the rule that the team with the worst record in the NFL Regular Season gets the first pick in the next season’s NFL Draft.  If a team is not even going to try to win a game, then they (in my opinion) shouldn’t be allowed to get the first overall pick in the NFL Draft or even a first round draft pick.  Maybe the NFL needs to fine teams, coaches, and players if their team cannot win at least one game during the regular season.

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