Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Kansas State Wildcats get the big W against Texas A&M

I could easily sum up the Kansas State versus Texas A&M football game with just one word, wow! Not only was this my first college football game but it was one hell of a game. I could not have picked a better weekend to go to a game than this one. As I sat in the student section listening to their chants, surrounded by purple, I tried to act like I knew what I was doing but it was clear that I had no clue. Experiencing the rush as the K-state players ran out of the tunnel is unexplainable, chills overcame my body with the students roaring and chanting to pump up the players to start the game.

K-State did not show up in the beginning of the game, it looked like they had never played together before. The students were disappointed in their team and most of them were planning to leave at half time until quarter back, Collin Klien, threw a 34 yard pass that ended up with a touchdown to tie the game 14-14 just before half. K-state was lucky enough to be tied but barely keeping up with the strong Texas A&M team. The students were on their feet in the third quarter and then Texas A&M player, Uzoma Nwachukwu intercepted a pass and returned it for 57 yards resulting in a touchdown to regain the lead on the Wildcats.

The game ended 53-50 after four wild over times, K-state Wildcats pulled off the victory. The hype of the game was amazing and the dedication the fans give the athletes is incredible. From 9 o’clock, when some start to tailgate, to almost 7 o’clock the fans supported the Wildcats.     I am so grateful I got to experience something like that and I cannot wait to be at a University or State college supporting my own school. All detailed information I got was collected from Kellis Robinett Kansas State-Texas A&M game report website.

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