Monday, April 2, 2012

NCAA Men’s Basketball Season 2011-2012: The Season and the Tournament

By Evan Troxel

As a Nebraska sports fan, I was saddened to see the Creighton women’s, Creighton men’s, and Nebraska women’s teams all lose and eliminate themselves from their respective NCAA Basketball Tournament within a matter of hours on March 18th, 2012.  I thought the Nebraska women’s team played abysmal against Penn State in the Big Ten Championship Game and then again against Kansas in the NCAA Women’s Basketball Tournament.  On the bright side though, at least the Creighton men finally won and made it past their first game of the NCAA Men’s Tournament in a while.

As for the Men’s Final Four, I hope the Louisville Cardinals eliminate the Kentucky Wildcats.  I really hope Kentucky doesn’t win the National Championship.  I think Louisville has a good chance to beat Kentucky and they have proven that by upsetting good teams in the NCAA Tournament over the years.  Louisville is a #4 seed in the Tournament this year and I think that seeding more like represents what their National Ranking should be…fourth! 
I was hoping Indiana would have beat Kentucky in the Regional Semifinals.  Earlier this season, Nebraska beat Indiana.  So if Indiana would have beaten Kentucky (which they didn’t), it would have gave more hope to the Nebraska Men’s Basketball team for next season.  I was saddened to see Michigan State lose to Louisville in the Regional Semifinals.  I like Michigan State because I see them on television often and they are a good team.  I also like their Head Coach Tom Izzo because he gets angry at his players (and that’s not necessarily a bad thing).

About the other Men’s Final Four game, I think it would be cool to see the Kansas Jayhawks beat the Ohio State Buckeyes.  To get to the Final Four, Kansas had to beat North Carolina.  I’m very happy that North Carolina is out of the Tournament now.  However, I would have liked to of seen Ohio beat North Carolina in the Regional Semifinals.  Ohio actually almost did.  With the game score tied, one of Ohio’s players missed a free throw with I think 15 seconds left in regulation.  Then after that, I don’t know what happened in regulation but the game went into overtime and North Carolina won the game.  I’m also glad that Ohio State beat Syracuse and eliminated them from the Tournament.  

I thought that Baylor’s mostly yellow jerseys and Florida’s mostly orange jerseys are pretty sweet in terms of their uniforms.

Throughout the entire Men’s Tournament, I have been rooting for the lower seeds to upset the higher seeds (mainly #1 and #2 seeds).  I was really glad to see a #2 seeded Duke lose to a #15 seed in Lehigh in the Second Round.  I also thought it was interesting that #15 seeded Norfolk State upset #2 seeded Missouri.

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