Saturday, October 16, 2010

Evan Troxel Bio

Hi everyone!  My name is Evan Troxel.  I am going to tell you all a little about myself.  I graduated from Ogallala Senior High School with the Class of 2010.
Currently, I want to be a baseball play-by-play radio announcer for a career (but things could change).  The major for a baseball announcer is broadcast journalism.  So, since I've declared that I want to be a baseball play-by-play radio announcer to get me there I public addressed announced American Legion baseball games in Ogallala this summer.  Throughout this semester, I'm going to find out how I like being part of The Yard Rake and college.
For four years in high school, I did long distance running in cross country and track.  Cross Country is running 5,000 Meters which is equivalent to 3.1 Miles.  I also played basketball as a freshman.  My academic success led me to be in National Honor Society, Spanish Honor Society, and Modern Music Masters (Tri-M). 
Another activity I had been a part of from first grade until I turned 18 is Boy Scouting.  In Boy Scouting you can give service back to your community and take on many leadership roles. Scouting is fun too.  I got to go skiing, climb a mountain, bike 50 miles, go to a couple hockey games, and ride in an airplane.  I still (to this day) wouldn't have done any of these things if it weren't for Boy Scouting. 
I am most proud of attaining the Eagle Rank this year in Boy Scouting, an award that only 1-4% of all boys attain.  My Eagle Scout leadership service project was that I set up a prescription/over-the-counter drugs collection site.  At the end of the collection, the Nebraska State Patrol took the drugs and incinerated them.  The point of my project was to ultimately keep people from abusing drugs.  Don’t dispose your drugs in the sink or flush them down the toilet!  I hope all of you will help start a drug collection or drug collection box (where people can properly drop of their drugs safely for destruction) in your hometown.

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