Wednesday, October 27, 2010

What He Sees (a poem by Jessi Johnson)

He walks down the sidewalk,
With his white cane in hand.
Hearing the people laugh and snicker,
He thinks, “They laugh not knowing,
They laugh without understanding.
They laugh thinking I do not hear.”
He turns the corner, heads toward home.
As he walks up the driveway,
his tears begin to fall.
The love of his life stands there, waiting.
They walk inside and sit on the couch.
He reaches up and places his hand on her face,
Then softly says,
“Since the day I was born,
Morning and night, I've seen nothing.
Yet, I see things that no one else can.
I know looks don't matter,
Yet I long to see your face.
I know when you're smiling
And I can tell when you cry,
But, I hate that I can't say you look beautiful.”
Then he moved her hand to his heart and
 To hers, he moved his own.
“There are things I wish I could see,
But if I had to give this up,
I would rather stay blind.
In my blindness I can see most.
For, I can see what truly matters.
I can see your heart.
The day I met you, I saw more than I had ever seen.
I saw kindness and truth,
But most of all, I saw love.”

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