Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Tick-Tock (a poem by Jessi Johnson)

I am from a moment in time.
Pause, fast forward, but can never rewind.
I am from the second hand, spinning around,
Like a windmill on a windy day.
Time is fast, then time is slow.
I am from my mistakes in the past,
the ones which I can never take back.
An I am from live and learn,
Cherish every breath.

I am from the hour hand,
From time that seems so long ago.
I am from the memories made,
From crystal tears and pure joy,
From true love and real pain.
I am from friends and family,
That are always by my side.
From the ones I love
And the ones that love me.

I am from the minute hand,
Where every tick-tock matters.
I am from the coveted life,
One I don't quite yet deserve.
A life full of choices,
Some made wrong,
But always forgiven.
Some made right,
But not all accepted.
I am from the choices I have to make,
Ones that tear at my soul
And cause my heart to ache.
I am from what life has given,
And what life has taken away.
I am from a little piece of everything,
That has briefly touched my life.

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