Monday, October 25, 2010

My Silent Tears Now Whisper Thank-you

"Don't laugh at me.  Don't call me names.  Don't get your pleasure from my pain..."  During my adolescent years I always found comfort in the perfectly chosen words and beautifully played melody of this song.  "Don't Laugh at me," by mark Wills is a song some may be saddened by, but it is one I will always smile at.
As a child, my family and I moved around a lot.  I attended a grand total of seven schools.  Each and every time I ended up being a nobody.  I was someone at which they could point their fingers and laugh. 
Life for me, was full of daily torture.  More times than not I was alone at recess.  If I wasn't talking to the teacher on duty, I was the girl who sat alone on the swing.  As I kicked the pebbles under my feet, I watched the other children.  They were laughing and smiling with their friends.  Alone, I sat, until another kid told me, 'Get off and go away.  I want to swing."
Even though I spend most nights crying myself to sleep, my experiences with moving have made me who I am today.  They have taught me things I would have never learned otherwise.
No one is the same.  Instead we are all unique.  Even though it seems that everyone accepts that we are all different, they still don't accept the differences in everyone.  Most people remain unaccepted simply as a result of their differences.  How many times have you thought, "I can do better than he/she?"  I am sure you have numerous times, for we all have even if we didn't mean to.  maybe in some areas of life you could do better, but their individual experiences have taught them things that you will never know.
I have learned forgiveness.  If they called me names to make themselves feel better, they must not have the perfect life either.  I should not be one to hold anger against them because no one aught them how to handle their insecurities.
I also, learned patience, compassion, and understanding.  these are qualities that i possess because of the other children.
I am neither angry nor upset with the children who made fun of me as a child.  Instead, if i was given the chance to tell them one thing, it would simply be thank-you.  Thank-you for making me understand differences.  Thank-you for making me take the time to get to know someone before I make my judgments about them.  Thank-you for you make me who I am and gave me the qualities for which I am known.

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