Saturday, October 16, 2010

Shawn Strasburg Bio

            My name is Shawn Strasburg. I am associate editor of news and opinion for the college webzine. I am a college freshman here at Mid Plains, and at 31 they have classified me as "a non-traditional student". I really don’t feel very non-traditional though. I would much rather be sleeping in at eight a.m. than at a class I signed up for when I was still in summer hibernation. I am not sure that my 13 years in the job market were beneficial because I still haven’t found the genie that guaranties a rewarding, stable career much less a measly job after college. I would like to say that I am a more mature student, but even I have wandered into class only to find out that it was test day, that very day, not the next week as my mental calendar so erroneously swore. I freaked out for few minutes staring blankly at the page of hieroglyphs. My heart raced as I struggled to recall the magical algebraic formulas needed to answer the first problem. Never fear, I dove in with ink scrawling all over the page, and somehow I managed to ace it. I honestly haven’t had to study or take a test for so long that I found myself studying almost ten hours a day those first few weeks. Perhaps this is where the “non-traditional" comes in because I just wasn't sure if any of the information would actually stick to the inside of my skull.
            I am excited about the Webzine this year I think we will have interesting articles, and I look forward to student submissions. We have a diverse team, and with student interest and input I believe we can post enlightening articles that will entertain and inform.

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